Hollie Cavanagh Photos

Young Hollywood Awards 2013 [8/1/2013]

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Idol Tour Lafayette, LA 7/30/2012
Photos by Dianna Mott Higginbotham

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Hollie Cavanagh Homecoming SET 2 [May 26, 2012]

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Hollie Cavanagh Homecoming SET 1 [May 26, 2012]

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American Idol Finale
[May 23, 2012]

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American Idol Finale Press Interviews [May 21, 2012]

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Kohl’s Meet and Greet
[May 16, 2012]

American Idol Season 11 Contestants Appear At Los Angeles Kohl's For American Idol's "Authentic Icon" Collection click

Hollie Cavanagh American Idol Performances

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General / Miscellaneous

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