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Poll: Hollie Cavanagh A to Z!

Holliepops, we need your voice! The Top 5 Holliepop Idol contestants were told to come up with 26 words describing Hollie starting with each letter of the alphabet. Below are the words the contestants came up with. We need your help in voting for the best word that describes Hollie for each letter A to Z. Your vote will help determine which Holliepop Idol contestants will move on to the next round! Thanks!

This poll is currently closed. Thank you to the amazing Holliepop Idol contestants @Holliepop4Ever@ericaguigam@1happyholliepop, @ryanjames2298, and  @Zoxquv for submitting the words. Thank you for everybody who voted. The results are below.

Holliepop Idol Results
1st – @Holliepop4Ever
2nd – @1happyholliepop
3rd – @Zoxquv
4th – @ryanjames2298
5th – @ericaguigam

Winning Words
[A] – Admirable
[B] – Breathtaking
[C] – Captivating
[D] – Determined
[E] – Exquisite
[F] – Flawless
[G] – Gorgeous
[H] – Heavenly
[I] – Inspirational
[J] – Joyous
[K] – Kind
[L] – Loving
[M] – Magnificent
[N] – Nice
[O] – Outstanding
[P] – Pehfect
[Q] – Queen
[R] – Remarkable
[S] – Sweet
[T] – Talented
[U] – Unique
[V] – Vibrant
[W] – Wonderful
[X] – Xtraordinary
[Y] – Youthful
[Z] – Ze-best

2 Responses to Poll: Hollie Cavanagh A to Z!

  1. Kaitlyn

    Hollie is my Idol and I actually got the chance to meet her.. Which was the best day of my life!!!! I hope to be able to meet her again someday and have a great chat!:)

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