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Hollie Cavanagh Exits the American Idol Stage With Class and Grace – Big Career Awaits Her

Hollie Cavanagh - Randy JacksonHollie Cavanagh exited the American Idol stage the same way she stepped onto it – with Class and Grace.  We are going to miss watching the sweet tiny girl stepping onto the stage with her big voice every week with the anticipation of what she was going to bring.  She was the most inexperienced and unpredictable contestant which made her the most exciting to watch every week.  You knew what the other contestants would bring week after week with their performance.  But with Hollie, it was a Journey.  While others grew up in a musical environment, Hollie discovered she could first sing while performing at a talent show in Middle School and became serious about it just last year on American Idol.  To know where she was last year to what she has become this year is very inspirational.  It is mind boggling to think about what she can achieve as she gains experience.

Hollie Cavanagh - American Idol JudgesAlthough I will greatly miss Hollie’s weekly performances on American Idol, there is a part of me that is relieved she is no longer on the show.  She will no longer have to stand in front of the judges while they rip her to shreds with their harsh comments and nitpicking week after week in front of millions of viewers while praising other contestants. No longer will she have to stand there and watch a video of Jimmy Iovine telling her she failed and belongs in the bottom.  It was heart breaking to see Hollie give it her all, laying it all out there, to only see the judges stomp on her and tell her they weren’t feeling it and that she showed no emotions. Hollie may have had the least stage experience but the true and honest emotions were as high as anybody else, and that, the judges failed to see.  Any contestant taking this much criticism would have crumbled to pieces. But Hollie would take it week after week gracefully and would only blame herself if the judges thought her performance wasn’t good.  She would never make excuses and would put everything on her own shoulders.  She respected the judges and used their criticism to better herself as an artist.  Hollie Cavanagh is the most courageous, respectful, and classy contestant American Idol has ever seen.  We have to thank American Idol for giving her the best platform to showcase her talent and personality to all of us.

Hollie Cavanagh - American Idol - The Climb

Hollie has an amazing gifted voice, but it is that something special that made millions fall in love with her, and this is why she will have a huge career.   There are many who have great voices but there are very few who have that special charisma.  The last American Idol contestant to have this same charisma was Carrie Underwood, and we know how she ended up.

I feel privileged to be able to witness Hollie’s journey and watch her fight to the top.  Hollie-Pops will always be there to support Hollie, and we are excited to see what the future holds for her …. because it will be BIG.

- Michael, just another Hollie fan

11 Responses to Hollie Cavanagh Exits the American Idol Stage With Class and Grace – Big Career Awaits Her

  1. quetzel46

    I too will miss her very much. I feel privileged to have witnessed the great performances she brought to the Idol stage. Her renditions of “Bleeding Love”, “River Deep, Mountain High”, “The Climb”, “Rolling In the Deep” and “Perfect” were especially wonderful. And the studio versions of some of them show her vocal ability even more. She has a lovely voice to listen to. I keep replaying the videos over and over. And there is a video on YouTube of her doing “I Know You Won’t” at some Knight Furniture promotion event that is just amazing. I hope all you Hollie Pops will go see it. I wish she had done that song this week instead of the Bonnie Raitt one. I know good things will come her way.

  2. Leila

    We all fell in love with Hollie’s voice the first day she started to sing. American Idol does not deserve great contestant like Hollie. She inspired us through out the season. She is number 1 in our heart and will be number one singer. Can’t wain to buy her #1 cd’s.<3<3<3

  3. AJ Von Smith-Vandenberg

    It’s my first time watching this AI show, first time being a fan of one of the finalist- it’s all because of Hollie Cavanagh.She is really incomparable among the rest and she really deserves being the ONE.It’s just that this show AI is very disappointing giving favor & being so unfair. Anyway, the price you’ll get is better than the title-the highest achievement is yet to come.Endorsements,tv appearances/guestings, shows,recordings,concerts,movies will surely come upon your hands.What for of having your name Hollie-it means popular,well behaved and a blessed one. You are truly a complete package of a star, our future star is you. It’s only the beginning girl, you know and feel it.You have it all girl.We believe in you, your talent and your beauty inside and out. I love you because you are a good soul, it reflects in your eyes and in your face.You prove it you keep your head up high while shaking the hands of the judges.We just wait for your comeback on stage Hollie, we will be forever a fan,your Holliepops!we love you and God bless your upcoming career. <3

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