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Hollie Moves on to American Idol Top 4!

American Idol - Skylar and Hollie CavanaghIt was another nerve racking results show for Hollie Cavanagh fans, as we watched Hollie placed in the bottom 2 again with her roomie Skylar Laine.  In the end, Ryan named Skylar as the person going home with Hollie moving on to the Top 4.

Here is how it went down.  Ryan first called Joshua onto the stage by himself and let him know he was safe.  Hollie and Phillip were then called up.  Jimmy’s opinion was that Hollie pulled off “River Deep Mountain High” and should be safe while Phillip had two bland performances and should be in the bottom two .  But it was Hollie’s name that was called as the first contestant in bottom 2.  Next up was Skylar and Jessica with Skylar being named as the other contestant in the bottom 2. Ryan then makes the announcement, “Nearly 60 million votes have decided that the person who goes home tonight is Sklyar Laine.”

We wish Skylar all the best with great success in the future.  She brought so much to the show with her talent, personality, energy, and class.

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