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Hollie Cavanagh EP with Autographed Booklet!

I’ve been talking about this mysterious bonus Walmart has been offering.  It is an autographed booklet that comes with Hollie’s American Idol Highlights EP.  Some people see the promotion and some don’t.

Well they finally came in today.  It is indeed a hand-signed autographed booklet by Hollie and it is awesome!

Hollie Cavanagh Autograph

hollie_cavanagh_ep_booklet_600You replace the original booklet with the autographed booklet and you have yourself Hollie’s first EP signed by her!

Hollie Cavanagh Autographed BookletYou got to get one! As of today, I still see Walmart offering this autographed booklet.  Don’t miss out! Get yours today!


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10 Responses to Hollie Cavanagh EP with Autographed Booklet!

  1. I pre-ordered this and still haven’t got it. it shipped a few days ago too……

  2. If I order this from walmart will I still get the autograph booklet? The autograph thing is still up, but it came out today, so it’s not preordering. Do you think I can still get the autograph? I already preordered it, but ti’s raining and now my mom won’t bring me to pay in cash.

    • In my opinion, if the message is still up then it is still available. However, there is always “while supplies last” which is a non-gurantee. This is just my opinion. Either way, it’s a great EP to have.

      • Alrighty I guess I’ll just wait and see. It’s such a bummer because I preorderd it TWICE and had to cancel it TWICE because I had no ride…I
        m such a big fan, and I wanted her to win in season 10 too! I really hope I get the autograph booklet. It’s still up on walmart.com too…so I guess all I can is pray and wait and see. :p

  3. david


    I preordered the cd yesterday, and the autograph promotion was up when I did order it. But I contacted walmart, and they said it only came with the preorder :( . Then I wonder why they would still have the offer up?

    • Hi David, you can’t fully trust Walmart support. They really don’t know much. They just read what you read and make their interpretation. In my opinion, as long as they still have the booklets available they will still throw them in the shipments until they run out. I have more shipments coming, too, so I guess we’ll see. Hopefully, you will get the autographed booklet.

  4. David

    Hey michael!

    Thanks for telling me that! My heart dropped when they said they wouldn’t be shipping them with anything other than preordered.I’m a huge fan of Hollie, and this cd would be awesome to have!!
    I hope you receive yours too, your other autographed cds probably need more company ;) hehe.

    Happy 4th!

  5. David

    Hey Everyone!!

    Just wanted to say that I received my purchased cd, and yes, there was an autographed cd booklet included!! Woohoo I’m so excited, and thank you for posting this thread!!!

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