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Hollie Needs Your Help! “What song do I NEED to sing on tour?”

Calling all Hollie-Pops! Hollie wants your input! She wants to know what song she NEEDS to sing on the American Idol tour.  Hollie is watching this poll so let her know your thoughts by voting for the song you think she needs to sing.

It’s tough to choose just one song because we love everything Hollie sings.  But if you had to choose one song you absolutely had to hear Hollie sing, what would it be?

Hollie Needs Your Help!
What Song Does She Need to Sing on Tour?

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16 Responses to Hollie Needs Your Help! “What song do I NEED to sing on tour?”

  1. Lindsay D

    You did so many great performances. Loved Jesus Take the Wheel, Rolling in the Deep and Bleeding Love. My personal favourite was the The Climb though. Would be great if you sing You’ll Never Walk Alone for Liverpool and Celtic x

  2. rachel

    wow that is hard! you did so many great preformances! I think you should choose one of your power ballads. For me they show off your big voice the best! I think reflection, all the man that i need, the power of love, or the climb would be great choices. But if you wanted to go with something more loose and fun some good choices would be river deep mountain high or son of a preacher man! Oh wait also consider bleeding love! Oooh and rolling in the deep!

  3. Cordelia

    Ah, I wish this was multiple choice, I can’t pick just one! I picked Faithfully, but I would also like her to do Reflection, River Deep Mountain High, Bleeding Love, Rolling in the Deep, and of course, The Climb.

  4. Kebsbin

    Some people (who are not Holliepops) may get tired of her singing The Climb. Though she’s good at it, she sang it several times. I suggest she sings power ballads like The Power of Love or Christina Aguilera songs like Reflection and most especially HURT. She never got the chance to sing it on AI so it’s good if she’ll sing it on AI tour. :)

  5. dg

    hopefully you can sing You’ll never walk alone from Gerry Marsden :)

  6. boom-shaka

    I’ve been wanting to hear the full version of “Change” since that episode aired, so that’s definitely my choice. I don’t always agree with Randy Jackson, but I sure did on that one when he said “so good.” Ssssooooo good!

  7. Negin

    i love all of them so so much! she should win it all ! all of them are great and she is the best!<3

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