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Luke Cavanagh, Hollie’s Brother, Shares His Thoughts on His Sister’s American Idol Run

Luke Cavanagh: When It’s Your Baby Sister on American Idol, Go Ahead and Remove 10 Years From Your Life

Written by: Luke Cavanagh
June 16, 2012 2:51 am

Hollie and Luke CavanaghYou think Watching American Idol and hoping your favorite singer is safe can be nerve wracking? Try being in the audience, watching your baby sister perform live while under-qualified judges (yeah, I said it) sometimes choose to ridicule her.

On a scale from 1 to heart attack, I was pretty much flat-lining. Yes, McKinney’s American Idol contestant Hollie Cavanagh is my sister.

While American Idol has been the greatest platform for Hollie to begin her music career, for me, it’s been nothing but uncontrollable sweating, high blood pressure and 10 years off my life. My advice to parents whose kids are trying out for American Idol is … Lock them in their rooms, deadbolt the door, put bars on their window and never let them out until they agree to never try out.

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3 Responses to Luke Cavanagh, Hollie’s Brother, Shares His Thoughts on His Sister’s American Idol Run

  1. It is so touching to see Hollie and you so close – your parents have “raised” you both and it shows, unlike a lot of kids now without parents being there for them – keep helping and being there for sis, Luke!

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