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Official Fan Song of Hollie-Pops.com! “Forever Your HolliePop” [MUSIC VIDEO]

“Forever Your HolliePop” written by Eric James Aguigam (Aguigam Productions) is the official fan song of Hollie-Pops.com. [HD] Available

‘Forever Your Holliepop” Download

Produced by Eric James Aguigam
Music and lyrics written by Eric James Aguigam
Co-written with Randall Davison
Piano/synth/vocals/harmonies by Eric James Aguigam
Guitar by Jeremy Nichols
Recorded/edited/mixed/mastered by Eric James Aguigam
Video Produced by Michael Y.


(Verse 1)
I saw you last year and I thought you had nothing to offer
I tried to be nice but my heart wouldn’t get any softer
But then you came back this year and you blew me away
I couldn’t believe how much better you got in 365 days
You turned 18 and you graduated high school
You tried out again / never gave up cuz it’s your rule
You sang your heart out / didn’t care what people were saying
You gave your best shot and my heart strings started playing

You came so far from where you were
You touched my soul of this I’m sure
With your beach blonde hair and your bright blue eyes
You took the whole world by surprise
You may be small but you’re on top
You make the whole world stop
So just so you know I’m forever your Holliepop

(Verse 2)
I woke up one morning and I started surfing youtube
I typed in your name and you were looking so cute
It’s like your hair was braided by the angels
Mystically enchanting like a fable


Hollie (x4) this song for you I wrote
Hollie (x4) you forever have my vote
Hollie (x4) you know this song is true
It’s true / I wanna be with you


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