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“Outer Limit” Fan Lyric Video

In celebration of the release of Hollie Cavanagh’s debut single “Outer Limit”, we surprised Hollie with the release of the Fan Lyric Video!

The Fan Lyric Video was planned more than two months before the official release of the song. I was approached by one of Hollie’s biggest fans, Brittany Livingston, with the idea of creating a fan lyric video for “Outer Limit”, and thought it was a great idea to get fans involved in the excitement of Hollie’s debut single.  The plan was to release the video on the same day the single was to be released as a surprise to Hollie. In May, I was able to meet Hollie’s manager, Nathan Porter from New Record Management, to obtain a pre-mixed version of the song. Since “Outer Limit” was unreleased, the song had to remain private and nobody could know more than three words of the lyrics. After the lyrics were broken into over 150 parts, Brittany and Bryant teamed up to recruit fans interested in being part of the video, and completely managed the receiving of each lyric photo over the course of a few weeks. All the photos were sent to me and the production of the video began. As the song evolved into its final mixed version, many changes of the video had to be made. After 2 months, the “Outer Limit” fan lyric video was released on July 15th, the same day as the official release of the song.

Hollie’s reaction:


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