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All of Hollie's AI Performance Songs are now available on iTunes
Hollie Cavanagh Girlfriend Single

Hollie Cavanagh American Idol Season 11 Highlights EP! Pre-order Now!

The Hollie Cavanagh American Idol Season 11 Highlights EP is now available for Pre-order exclusively online at Walmart.com.  Be the first to own it!  Pre-order your copy and get it in time for the American Idol LIVE Tour.

Track listing is not available at this time.  Typical American Idol Highlights EP consist of 5 tracks.

Artist: Hollie Cavanagh
Release Date: 07/03/2012
Estimated Ship Date: 07/03/2012
Additional Info: Extended Play


UPDATE [6/1/2012]: Hollie Cavanagh American Idol Season 11 Highlights is #21 on the Walmart 100 Best Selling Preorders!

UPDATE [6/3/2012]: Now #12 on 100 Best Selling Preorders

UPDATE [6/7/2012]: #8 on 100 Best Selling Preorders, #19 Overall Best Sellers!

UPDATE [6/8/2012]: On Sale for only $5 if you Pre-order now!

UPDATE [6/9/2012]: Walmart will be offering a Bonus Autographed Booklet! This is not available in all locations and online stores.  The screenshot below shows the Bonus Autographed Booklet being displayed.  If you don’t see it, then it is probably not offered where you are.

American Idol Highlights Bonus Autographed Booklet

UPDATE [6/11/2012]: Got in contact with Walmart.  They could only tell me that the Bonus Autographed Booklet is only available to some online stores.  I am assuming this is based on your location.  So if you see the offer in screenshot above then the bonus is available to you.

Hollie Cavanagh American Idol Highlights CD - Walmart

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6 Responses to Hollie Cavanagh American Idol Season 11 Highlights EP! Pre-order Now!

  1. Interesting! Funny thing about this is I live in a city and next to a city that has a combined six Super Walmarts…yeah, not a typo six. I know, I know, crazy yes, but there is truth in saying there is half a dime a dozen.

  2. Mary

    So Happy! Pre-ordered Hollie’s CD!

  3. You can get your copy for only $5 if you pre-order now!

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