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Hollie Cavanagh Stops by Glen Oaks Elementary to Surprise Students!

By: McKinney Independent School District [May 31, 2012]

McKinney, Texas – The students at Glen Oaks Elementary enjoyed a visit from a surprise guest Wednesday morning. Gathered in the school gymnasium for a special celebration assembly, the students erupted in cheers when Principal Rhonda Gilliam welcomed Hollie Cavanagh, the American Idol contender who requires little introduction in this part of the country.
Hollie Cavanagh Visits Glen Oaks Elementary
Hollie Cavanagh encouraged the students at Glen Oaks Elementary to continue making a difference through programs like Rachel’s Challenge and the Dollar Project.

Cavanagh, who attended Glen Oaks Elementary as a child, took a moment to share briefly about the “Hollie Pops” that fans created to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital and praised the Glen Oaks kids for taking up Rachel’s Challenge and for their hard work raising money for charity through the school’s Dollar Project. Cavanagh then graciously stepped aside to let individual students take the spotlight as they were recognized for their accomplishments.

“Our kids were so excited to have Hollie attend our special assembly today to help us celebrate the ways children can make our world a better place,” said Gilliam.

“At Glen Oaks, our motto is ‘LIVE, LEARN, LEAD,’” she said. “We talk about living our lives to the fullest and pursuing things that bring joy to ourselves and others. All students are challenged to make their world a better place. Hollie is a great role model for our students, as she uses her special talents to bring joy to others. She brought a very special message today, encouraging our students to continue their efforts to make a difference.”
Hollie Cavanagh visits Glen Oaks Elementary
Hollie Cavanagh and a few of her fans.

At the conclusion of the assembly, Cavanagh’s multitude of young fans formed a line that spanned the gym as she tirelessly smiled for photos and signed yearbook after yearbook.

“We appreciate Hollie for sharing her time with us!” said Gilliam. Indeed. The kids were patient and polite; a few were completely starstruck. One boy, signed yearbook in hand, performed a celebratory dance.

And, at least one girl shed tears of joy.

Not a bad way to wrap up the school year.

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